“In the timeless is an imprint of time”

Betty J. Mulder has been involved in astrology since 1997.

She was introduced and trained by the well-known Dutch astrologer Ed Noordman, among others. She has been working as a consultant for 15 years.

She describes her work as listening to the conditions represented by the horoscope and uses the planets and the effects they have as a guide.

In her consultations, her sensitive reading of the planetary constellations leads to positive indications and concrete solutions for the person, whom she respects both in uniqueness and involvement in a larger whole.

The coaching sessions can concern current, specific questions, as well as annual topics, but above all should promote the understanding of personal abilities, skills and tasks. The aim is to give the questioner a coherent and comprehensible point of view and thus to support a positive, happy approach to one's own life with all its facets.
Since 2018,Betty formed an effective cooperation with the classical homeopath Lucia Eckerskorn-Schwan, which makes additional support of the holistic solution possible. Joint appointments can be booked.


"Art is a way of seeing that comes from the soul".
We appreciate your interest and invite you to contemplate again and again



"In the timeless is an imprint of time".
I am gladly available for a consultation on your life issues


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