"Art is a point view that comes from the soul"

Betty J. Mulder was born in the Netherlands in 1966.
As a freelance artist, she opened her studio in Velp in 1986.
She has created a number of commissioned works, including numerous portraits, in addition to her other paintings.

Since her childhood she regularly visits Oberammergau, with which she feels
a strong connection.

Her paintings and sculptures have already been shown in numerous exhibitions and galleries in Holland, including Maastricht, Amsterdam and Arnhem, as well as in Germany in Oberammergau, Berlin and Trier.

The source of inspiration for Betty’s artistic work develops out of an earthly (terrestrial) and spiritual world. With her unique view she finds an expression for the connection between human existence and the universe. The depiction of her inner experience such as gratitude, love and trust as well as peace and happiness are brought to light with color and form to express this special view. Through her paintings and sculptures, she uses art to communicate and to give a possibility to the observer, an impulse to be carried along.

Her most recent work increasingly deviates from solid shapes. The boundaries become more fluid, transforming into intense colors and forms, and give the opportunity to be a companion on the journey, to find one´s own centre. Many concepts (ideas) in the inspiration of the artist are waiting to be made.



"Art is a way of seeing that comes from the soul".
We appreciate your interest and invite you to contemplate again and again



"In the timeless is an imprint of time".
I am gladly available for a consultation on your life issues


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